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HELLO guys/peeps/strangers/friends/PRIS ! Me name Verra(Not a real name/FYI) . Malaysian and sweet bloody 7teen . Dude , I just created this blog . but somehow , im not new to this blogging world because i used to have another blog but how sad , i forgot d password . and ik , i could just ask google whats my password but i was kinda LAZY la . right , sounds lame . :)fyi , imma korean haters . but , i have a MAJOR crush on these 5 guys ~ Choi JonghoonLee HongkiLee JaejinChoi MinHwanSong Seung Hyun ✿ for short , I LOVE MY TREASURES, FTISLAND . They are korean and I know it ! But i tell you , they're ROCK band , i mean , they're kinda not include la in kpop stuff like that ! lol , sounds pathetic ! i think thats all for now , BYEBYE

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Monday, 21 May 2012, @ 18:59

[120520 event after the release of their second japanese]

[Topic: Men]
Q: What do you think of when we talk about men?
JH: The lower half body is very strong!
After that, they started talking about perverted stuff.
HK: Very hard! (Everyone laughs) If it’s Seunghyun…skills (laugh)

HK: Authority. Jaejin has the most authority. When he is asking for something from the president, he looks the most serious. And because of that, the president will always listen to his requests. If I’m the one requesting for something, I will be told: Stop fooling around!
HongKi praised JaeJin, so the MC asked: What happened to you?
HK: Because he’s at the back
Then they started on the topic of ‘hair’. HongKi said that there’s even hair on JaeJin’s back!
JaeJin keeps on denying, and asks for help from SeungHyun: There isn’t, right?
SeungHyun replied: Don’t you feel hot?

MH: The muscles on the arm.
His answer was too serious, so the MC said: Are you using this kind of image for the whole day? (Laugh)
JJ: Just like HongKi hyung, be someone who does their work diligently!
MC: Why are you suddenly praising him?
JJ: Because he’s at the back

[Topic: Women]

Q: If someday you transformed into a woman?
JH, HK immediately said: Go to the hot spring!
MC: These two hyung, don’t be like this! If you are a girl, your body will be seen!
HK: Then just check out my own body.

(Really perverted!)

When JaeJin was asked about this question, Primadonnas said immediately: Hair removal!!
So they returned to the topic about JaeJin’s back hair (laugh)
Pri: Let us have a look at your back~
JaeJin said to HongKi: You made everyone believe it! What are you gonna do?
So HongKi corrected himself: There’s no hair on the back.
MC: By saying that, do you mean there’s no hair on the back, but there is on some other place? Usually it’s the armpits, chest and the crotch right? Could it be on the soles of the feet?
All the members burst into laughter! In the end it seems that JaeJin’s hair became a regular topic for laughs.
So JaeJin said in a cute manner: Don’t be like that! Help me!
JJ: If someday I become a girl, I’ll seduce HongKi hyung and then dump him! I know him very well, so I will do the things he wishes a girl would do for him. After that, bye~
HK: I don’t like girls with a lot of hair (laugh)

Then, MinHwan looks like he wants to try seducing boys as he flirts with the MC.
MH: Give me your number (Takes the MC’s arm, and even pleads by putting his head on the MC’s shoulder) (laugh)
After seeing MinHwan flirt, HongKi said: SeungHyun is very good at it!
SeungHyun also says: I want to show it!

Before his show, HongKi whispered something to SeungHyun.

SeungHyun’s flirting~
Using a girls’s voice: Aha~ Mr (MC’s name).
When he said that, he pretends to bend down to pick up something, showing his(her?) chest on purpose.
After the show, HongKi said: What did I teach you!
It seems that SeungHyun didn’t exactly do what HongKi taught him a while ago.
But SeungHyun said: HongKi taught me that!
Then HongKi gave him a high kick…

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